TGF productions is like the best, like the most entertaining, innovative, open minded, respectful company that has ever worked with art and motion pictures material, like for real!

Since 2014, we have been creating fictional films, documentaries, informational and commercial videos that can tune excitement with social responsibility, making the world a little bit better.

With our base in Piteå, but also located in Brazil, TGF productions mix the practical hardworking Swedish behavior with the warm energetic Brazilian one. Not to mention that many of our productions are also made in Los Angeles, USA. That being said, we are one of the few companies that have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world!

Can you trust on what we are saying? For sure!
Just check our list of Film Festival nominations, which include Festival de Cannes, Tromsø International Film Festival, Nordische Filmtage Lübeck and many others. Besides, we have collaborated with prestigious personalities, like Euskefeurat, and our movies have been shown at Warner Brothers Studios and Universal Studios.

TGF productions is not the biggest and most fancy production company in the world (far from that!), but our goal is to be the most enthusiastic and engaging company, which makes excellent motion pictures material for the pure passion for the art.